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What has happened?

Home REIT’s share price fell by approximately 70% in the calendar year through to the end of 2022. On 3rd January 2023, the company announced a temporary suspension to the listing of its shares. Many investors have either realised losses on their investments or are sitting on losses if they still hold their investments.

Our Independent Investigations

Alongside the significant declines in the company’s share price in recent months, our independent investigations conducted using publicly available information over the course of several months indicate that there may be fundamental issues with the Home REIT’s business model and the valuation of its assets.

We have found evidence that the company has used investors’ money in a way which runs contrary to what investors were told: they were told that their money would be used for high-quality homeless accommodation, but instead it seems that at least some of that money has been used to fund accommodation for people who are not in vulnerable situations, or to fund accommodation which does not qualify for exempt housing benefit which is intended to assist vulnerable people—such as people at risk of homelessness—who need additional care, support or supervision.

We have also seen that the company appears to have paid excessive sums to intermediaries and fixers for property—who are connected to some of Home REIT’s largest tenants and who have ‘flipped’ property between owners over a short time period (sometimes on the same day) for increasing prices before it is sold to Home REIT, and that those same intermediaries and fixers are making substantial payments to Home REIT’s tenants. Examples of property portfolio acquisition made by Home REIT which were provided by the company in its response to a critical report published by Viceroy Research on 23 November 2022 indicates that the price paid by Home REIT for a portfolio of property is often approximately twice the price paid by the intermediaries and fixers for the same property a short time before.

More information about the issues identified by our investigations is found on the “About the Claim” page.

Problems with Home REIT’s social impact

Home REIT informed investors that it would invest their money in “high-quality homeless accommodation” and that its investment strategy would seek to “exclusively tackle homelessness”. The homepage of its website states that it is “dedicated to fighting homelessness through funding the acquisition and creation of high quality accommodation”. Investors reasonably assumed that this is what the company would do with their money.

The company uses investors’ money to purchase property which it then lets or pre-lets to registered charities, housing associations, community interest companies and the like. It says that these tenants let the accommodation to homeless people or people at risk of homelessness, including people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, general needs poverty issues, people escaping domestic abuse, and prison leavers. Through this approach, it tells investors that it seeks to increase the supply of homeless accommodation and help tackle the national homelessness crisis. We understand that this is the reason why many shareholders decided to invest in the company: they wanted to contribute to a social good.

However, we have discovered that properties owned by Home REIT have been found by local authorities to be unsuitable for housing vulnerable individuals, or are being advertised for students and professionals, and even as holiday lets. In addition, we have found evidence that the company has been overpaying for property, allowing substantial profits to be made by those who are selling property to the company. In these instances, investors’ cash is not being used to address the issues of the undersupply of housing and underfunding which are contributing to homelessness and is being diverted away from the cause it was intended to serve.


Harcus Parker is pursuing claims for damages for Home REIT investors who have suffered losses. We propose to bring the claims on a fully contingent (“no win, no fee”) basis, such that we would only be remunerated if the claims are successful.



Anyone who has held or continues to hold shares in Home REIT, either directly or through an intermediary, is eligible to join the claim.

Join the claim


Harcus Parker is seeking to articulate the claim in a way which protects the remaining shareholder value in Home REIT.  

We are conscious that many investors who have suffered losses will continue to hold the company’s shares and will be keen to ensure the company is able to operate effectively and in accordance with its stated raison d’être of providing high quality homeless accommodation in the future.  The claim is a way of achieving this by identifying – in precise terms – how the company’s existing management has fallen short in the conduct of the company’s business, and by focussing the claim for compensation on individual Directors of the company and the fund manager.  In this way, the claim can serve as a mechanism for effecting management change, and for returning value to shareholders from outside the company which has otherwise been lost. 

Charity Partnership

We will pay a proportion of our fee to a charity whose aims include the provision of accommodation to vulnerable individuals, or the provision of advice and support to homeless people or people at risk of homelessness. More details about our charity partnership will be announced in due course.


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